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School Supply

Projects and Impacts

In addition to developing annual projects that meet evolving needs of students and impact of outside forces, the SCEF has several important, ongoing efforts.

Learn more about 2021 impacts here and 2020 projects here.

Continuing Efforts

College Library


The SCEF has been administrating funds for four Stevenson High School graduate scholarships for over a decade.  Current scholarships include:


  •  DECA Scholarship

  • Gloria James Music and Teaching Scholarship

  • John Chester Memorial Scholarship

  • Kim Meche Memorial Admin Scholarship

  • Charles Sharp Scholarship

If you would like to establish a new scholarship or donate funds to an existing program, please contact us.

The Locker: A Resource

The Locker is a resource hosted by SCSD in each school building that helps students arrive at class ready to learn by providing essentials including school supplies, meals, shoes, clothing and hygiene items.


Removing barriers to make the playing field level for all students is important to the SCEF, and The Locker is a vital part of that effort.  Students can discreetly reach out to staff for needs, and caring staff are great at seeing needs of students that are too shy to ask for help.

If you would like to make an in-kind or financial donation to The Locker, please contact us.

Clothes Donation

Long Term Goals and Projects 

  • Become a resource for the school district to fund additional teachers and staff that will provide education and student support and counseling beyond existing state-established minimum requirements, with a focus on career-oriented and vocational subjects.

  • Become a resource for investments such as computers, shop equipment and other tools to help prepare students to enter the workforce or discover a new interest.

  • Establish new trade school and collegiate scholarship opportunities for graduating students.

  • Secure $100,000 in grants and donations in FY2025.

  • Establish sustainable, long-term sources of funding.

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