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School Supply

2022 Projects and Impacts

The SCEF was able to make a lot of positive impacts for our students in 2021.  We're carrying that momentum into 2022 by extending some projects and starting some new endeavors.  Please check back for updates.

Learn more about our continuing projects and impacts here .

High School Friends

J Family Fund Teacher and Staff Grant Program at Stevenson High School

The SCEF was honored to receive a generous donation from the J Family Fund.  This gift to our community is focused on enhancing the student experience at Stevenson High School through support of teachers and staff.   Everyone at the school was encouraged to find ways to help.

The J Family Fund is directed by SHS alumni that want to help students today and in the future enjoy their high school experience at as much as they did.  They recognize how students' everyday school activity can be positively affected by support through both front-line and behind the scenes projects.  We feel the same way, and are tremendously grateful for their gracious gift.


With support from school administration, we have been able to award grants to several projects and continue to receive applications for funding.


Fall 2022 J Family Fund supported projects include (SHS only), as of November: 

  • Scientific calculators

  • Biology science kits

  • Chemistry science kits

  • Tools and supplies for automotive and metals shop classes

  • White boards for three mathematics classrooms, promoting interactive learning through student action in new curriculum

  • Bluetooth heart monitors for use in physical education, helping students learn about measuring heart health

  • Class sets of new novel reading books

  • Student and local artist collaborative mural on campus

  • New sheet music for band students

  • Funding for assistance with students' and their families' social, emotional and behavioral needs across the district in support of SCSD's new social worker

  • Active large group learning tools, including interactive demonstration monitor and sound system for safety training of Lewis and Clark kayakers

  • Scoring setup for wrestling events, including hosting district competition in 2023

  • Tools and equipment for student locker cleaning and preparation

  • Floor scrubber for common areas

  • Weight room equipment, including new bars

  • Pans, racks, trays and more for efficiency in the kitchen

  • Freshman Academy T shirts

  • ID lanyards for all students and staff

Fall 2022 Teacher
Grant Program

The SCEF completed its third Teacher Grant Program cycle, and second in a year, with over $10,000 awarded to Stevenson Elementary, Carson Elementary and Wind River Middle School classrooms in fall 2022.  At the same time, we offered funding from the J Family Fund for Stevenson High School projects.

For the first time, educator requests exceeded available funds, so the SCEF board prioritized projects with highest impact while finding some funding for each request.​  We thank teachers for their flexibility in finding ways to make every dollar count.

The TGP will transition to a fall project, with the next cycle in Fall 2023.  Offering grants near the beginning of the academic year helps educators plan, maximizing the effect of donations.

Fall 2022 Teacher Grant Program Funded projects include (SES, CES, WRMS only): 

  • Funding for assistance with students' and their families' social, emotional and behavioral needs across the district in support of SCSD's new social worker.

  • New photography equipment for WRMS Yearbook Club.

  • Bringing the OMSI Earth Science Outreach Program to sixth graders at WRMS .

  • Enhancing the Bridges Numbers Corner program at CES.

  • Hands-on learning materials, including puzzles, books play items and art supplies at SES.

  • Calming colors carpeting for the Special Education space at SES.

  • Literacy stations that provide room for differentiation of instruction to individuals or groups with varying needs in TK and Kindergarten at SES.

  • Flexible seating and reading stations at SES, helping students find ways to release energy without disturbing fellow classmates.

  • New book sets of novels for eighth grade at WRMS.

  • Teaching Strategies Gold tools and equipment, with physical, social-emotional, cognitive and mathematic focuses, enhancing curriculum at CES.

Technology Class

Spring 2022 Teacher
Grant Program

The SCEF completed its second Teacher Grant Program cycle, with over $5,000 awarded to SCSD classrooms in spring 2022.

The Spring 2022 TGP was built on the success of our 2021 awards.  Educator participation was again a big part of the project's success, with teachers finding new ways to embrace student needs and diversity while finding new things to learn about.

Spring 2022 Teacher Grant Program Funded projects include: 

  • Updated sheet music for SHS students that brings newer work from a more diverse group of artists.

  • A virtual field trip to Mt. St Helens for WRMS students, supporting the Earth Science program.

  • LCD tablets that help 4th graders as CES complete daily lessons, saving consumable materials with durable electronics.

  • New student bookcases for 4th grade students at CES for storage of books and personal supplies as they transition from COVID-required individual desks back to workgroup tables that foster important synergy.

  • Art materials and supplies for CES students for well planned, meaningful activities that introduce students to a variety of media and techniques.

  • New Spanish-language reading books and furniture for Free Choice Reading, supplementing textbooks with fiction and non-fiction material.

School Supplies: Leveling the Playing Field

Beginning-of-year school supplies come at a price that is traditionally been covered by students’ families.  For some families in our community, the additional cost is easy to cover, but for may spending $25 per student or more can have a dramatic effect on household finances.  When parents are able to make purchases, students often arrive with vastly varying quality of supplies or missing some essentials.


We’re trying to level the playing field for all of our students, and sponsored school supplies can help promote equality in our student body.  Plus they help everyone start the new school year off on the right foot with the correct tools.

Like the year before, the SCEF is committed to funding school supplies for every SCSD student in the 2022-2023 academic year.  Supporters of school supplies this year included:

Skamania Lodge

Umpqua Bank

Backwoods Brewing

Scholarship for
Dual-Credit Courses

The foundation wants to help remove barriers to earning college credit in accredited SHS courses, including tuition fees.   We’re here to help empower students with a start on a college transcript before they leave high school.

Scholarships will be funded in the fall 2022 as students enroll in qualified courses.

SHS graduation.jpg
Happy Kids Huddle


We know feeling safe at school is paramount to student success.

We’re working to bring a comprehensive anti-bullying campaign to older elementary students, teachers and families.  We hope to put our plan into action as soon as students can meet in large groups again, post pandemic.

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